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Meet the Publishing Team

Vince Font

Vince Font is the founder and chief editor of Glass Spider Publishing, a hybrid micropublisher headquartered in Northern Utah. He is the award-winning writer of the Shadows on the Page book series and co-authored and published the book American Sons: The Untold Story of the Falcon and the Snowman.

Vince Font Glass Spider Publishing

Jane Font

Jane Font is an accomplished artist and graphic designer who, when she's not busy arting, can often be found geeking out over Excel spreadsheets

Jane Font Glass Spider Publishing

Judith San Nicolas

Judith San Nicolas is a Barcelona-based graphic artist. In addition to designing award-winning book covers, she also specializes in brand logos, album covers, and movie posters.

Judith San Nicolas Glass Spider Publishing

Takwa Gordon

Takwa Gordon is a published author, editor, and artist from Salt Lake City, Utah. She holds a Master of Arts in English and has minors in comparative literature and culture from the University of Utah. She is passionate about books, the publishing industry, marketing, and design. 


Don Wilmshurst

Don Wilmshurst is a writer, graphic artist, and video editor who specializes in promotional trailers for books.

Don Wilmshurst Glass Spider Publishing
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