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Author Testimonials

I recently published a memoir with Glass Spider Publishing, and I couldn’t have asked for a better partner. This was my first book and experience with publishing and Vince and his team walked us through all of the details and helped us navigate the Amazon and Barnes and Noble spaces. His designer created a beautiful cover for the book under a tight schedule. We needed several hundred hardcover books printed in color (which is an unusual request) and expedited in time for an event, and Vince made it happen. He responded to our requests almost immediately and continues to help us market the book. There is a plethora of online choices in self-publishing, but I believe having a local, smaller company like Vince’s made a big difference in terms of the service we received.

John D. Cumming, author of No Such Thing as the Top: A Father-Son Expedition

As a first time author, it was important for me to feel I was in good hands. Working with Glass Spider fit that need perfectly. Vince and the team educated me on the process, hand-held me through the steps patiently, responding to my many questions quickly and giving me the personal touch that made me feel like we were partners in making my dream come alive! Love the end product and all the support. –Brian Gahan, author of Failure Leaves Clues: The Mindset to Turn Them Into Success

Glass Spider guided me through two novels with the highest quality editing, publishing, and book cover design. Aside from the excellent physical quality of the books, Vince Font, editor and publisher, has been readily accessible to answer questions and to make invaluable suggestions. In over twenty years of novel writing, I have found Glass Spider to be superior to other publishers in expediting and creating an excellent finished product. I recommend Glass Spider Publishing as a worthy publisher who can make a novel most attractive and inviting. –A.J. Harris, author of Murder in a Small Town and Ship of Dreams (The Devil’s Last Voyage)

It's a difficult and sometimes lonely experience to write a book. But if you find a good editor, someone to help you to the finish line of your goal, you can count yourself lucky. That is what Vince Font at Glass Spider Publishing did for me. He took the third draft of my novel and said, "Yes, this is good, but you're not finished yet." Then he helped me see the ways it could be better. Editing can be a painful process for an author, but God bless the editors who help us through that process. Vince helped me finish my creation of the book I'd always wanted.

Rachel Anne Cox, author of A Light from the Ashes

If you're looking for a great publishing company that will treat you like family, look no further than Glass Spider Publishing and Vince Font. Being a first-time author myself, the hardest part was finding the right publisher to work with. It was important that they understood the story, and most importantly, my voice. While I knew changes would come, I wanted to protect the style I wrote with, and Vince incorporated my sense of humor and pace with all the suggested changes. Couldn't be happier, and this is from someone who is never happy—just ask my kids! –Matt DeBoer, author of Until Tomorrow...Little People

Glass Spider Publishing were a pleasure to work with from start to finish. The support and knowledge they had really helped in providing an easy and supportive route to publishing. Vince took complete care and made the whole process easy to understand, and he was always available even after publishing to answer questions. The artist we were linked with did a fantastic job with the artwork and really captured the message behind the book. We would have no hesitation in recommending Glass Spider Publishing to anyone who is looking to go down the self-publishing route. What came across from Vince was a genuine desire to help make the book as good as it could be prior to publication. As an author himself, he treats each project with the same level of care he would his own. –Dave Fouracre and Dave Urwin, authors of When September Ends

Glass Spider Publishing, under the direction of Mr. Vince Font, has been unquestionably reliable in his support of my efforts to get my first book published. Our email correspondence began in February 2023. I see my book published now in September 2023–a record time. In my attempts working on this project long-distance, by myself at home, with very basic computer skills, Mr. Font patiently guided me through the steps in the editing process. His questions and comments about content demonstrated that in addition to making the necessary grammatical corrections, his careful reading of the text prodded me to rework passages that resulted in a smooth and easy to follow trajectory of the story. To begin the marketing, Mr. Font recommended reliable review services and contest possibilities. He took much time to compose a press release. In almost every email, he gave advice on how to approach marketing possibilities. Most important is Mr. Font’s attention to feedback. His turn-around emails with answers to questions, be it on the writing or on how to deal with computer program technicalities. I simply could not have done this project without his help. Mr. Font contracts with a book-cover artist, Judith S. Design & Creativity. I sent her a sketch I had prepared, because I knew what I wanted the cover to represent. Judith worked very well with my ideas and in good time, quickly responding to my emails. I highly recommend Glass Spider Publishing and Judith S. Design & Creativity. –Elisabeth Haggblade, author of Trauterose: Growing Up in Postwar Munich

I am a published author because of the skills, abilities, knowledge, and expertise possessed and used by Vince Font of Glass Spider Publishing. After locating the company on the internet and discovering it was a local business, I called and spoke directly with Mr. Font. He quickly understood what I needed and walked me through the series of actions that needed to be done to achieve the goal of publishing my first book. There are many qualities Glass Spider Publishing exhibits that made me glad we have begun a partnership: a high level of professionalism, reasonable contractual terms, personal one-on-one time with me, no changes to the original manuscript without a consultation, in-depth knowledge of the editing and publishing process, patience and understanding, and honesty. I was so very pleased that I felt more than comfortable contracting with Glass Spider Publishing to assist me with my second book, which was published in April of 2022. I offer Glass Spider Publishing much appreciation and gratitude for outstanding work that was and is still being done for me. I'm looking forward to many more opportunities to work with Glass Spider Publishing. –G. Louise Beard, author of Right Next Door and Mail Ordered

A few years ago, I began searching online for an affordable means of self-publishing one of my novels. I needed someone to format the manuscript as well as arrange the cover art. As a novice writer, I had no clear idea what I was seeking, but once I happened upon Glass Spider Publishing’s website and dug in, I sensed I’d found the right place. I quickly learned I was correct. Vince Font has been a pleasure to work with. I have now published two of my manuscripts thanks to his help and intend to do more. Vince guided me step-by-step through the process, never hesitating to respond to any question I had in a timely manner. In addition, working with his cover designer, Judith San Nicolas, has been terrific. Her designs are always beautiful, and she responds immediately to any questions. Both my novels came out beautifully. I soon spread the word within my writing group about how professional and reasonably priced this company is, and Glass Spider Publishing soon acquired several other clients based on positive word of mouth among our members. We’re all thrilled, both with our relationship with Vince and with the results of his expertise. I cannot recommend him highly enough. –Kathie Marshall, author of the Claire Cooperman book series

I found Glass Spider Publishing on recommendation from a friend who knew of the company. She said they were a small, friendly publishing house that worked with you and made things easy for you as you navigated the wild world of authorship. I found this to be exactly right! They walked beside us and led us through the most confusing parts with ease and grace. They fielded our panicked questions, dealt with our every whim, and sent us amazing suggestions. More amazingly, they made the process as pain-free as possible, all the while maintaining professionalism and aplomb! I highly recommend Glass Spider if you’re looking to self-publish. If you’re an author, trust me, there’s too much else to do with your time in your line of work than deal with all the things you’ll have to figure out if you do it on your own. You owe it to yourself! –Ali Meeks, co-author of Conquer Your Fear of the Triathlon Swim: End the Dread!

I was blessed to stumble on a review of Glass Spider Publishing early in the summer of 2020. I had been trying to get my book, Tyson’s Gift: How an 8-Pound K9 Became a Man’s Greatest Spiritual Guide, published for about six months, and I had finally been offered a contract by a hybrid publisher. The contract was less than fair, and I had made a counteroffer but was really turned off by the publisher’s apparent lack of care for its authors. I read about how thorough and passionate Vince and Glass Spider Publishing were about making their books the best they could be, and I called Vince immediately. After chatting with Vince about my book, it was so clear to me that Glass Spider was the right choice. I signed a contract with them before the other publisher even got back to me. The book was completed and hit the market recently, and I am confident it is absolutely the best book it could have been. Not only that, but the whole process was positive and enjoyable. I never doubted for a second that Vince really cared about the book, and that he was doing everything he could to publish a great product. I wrote Tyson’s Gift not only to honor and memorialize our beautiful dog, Tyson, but also to help others struggling with the loss of a pet or a loved one. I (and the book) are so fortunate to have found Vince and Glass Spider Publishing. –Brandon Wainwright, author of Tyson’s Gift: How an 8-Pound K9 Became a Man’s Greatest Spiritual Guide

I was referred to Glass Spider Publishing by another author who had published with them previously. I had never published a book before and really didn't know where to start with my manuscript. Glass Spider Publishing, specifically Vince, who edited my work, were so helpful and knowledgeable. I learned a great deal from publishing my first book and plan to publish many more in the future. I would highly recommend Glass Spider Publishing to all indie authors out there.

M. Greenfield, author of Deliverence Carter

Glass Spider Publishing is the go-to service to use if you’re looking for a reputable publisher with integrity. I have worked with Vince Font several times in the past, and he is not only professional, but his attention to detail and timing is second to none. Vince has a wealth of information and is a pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend his services to anyone thinking about publishing a book. In a marketplace replete with publishers who are sometimes unprofessional and don’t deliver in their promises, Glass Spider Publishing stands out as the epitome of what authors are looking for.  Under the watchful eye of Vince Font, you will certainly be in the hands of a mentor and professional who cares as much about your success as you do. –Marc Hoberman, author of Adversity Defeated: Turn Your Struggles Into Strengths

As a first-time author, it has been a pleasure working with Glass Spider Publishing. A few years back, I approached Glass Spider with my manuscript and Vince Font was very helpful and gave me the best editing advice of any editor I had previously approached. At the time, I felt my manuscript simply wasn’t ready. A few years later, I went back to Glass Spider and once again, Vince was eager to work with me to get my manuscript ready for publication. He was always easy to get a hold of and gave me great advice. During the final editing process, Vince made it easy to make revisions. I never felt like he was getting frustrated with me as I put him through a great deal to get the final manuscript completed. He took care of all the details of getting the novel ready for publication in both print and e-book formats. Through the entire process, I felt my work was handled carefully to ensure it still was my work. Vince made sure I followed the writing rules, and he gave me some great advice of issues I hadn’t noticed. When I get my second book ready, you can bet I’ll be back at Glass Spider’s door. –K.D. Loveridge, author of The Twisty Passages of Time: Veer Left for Home

For a long time, I had an idea I wanted to turn into a story. Right before the pandemic broke out in 2020, I decided that if I didn't just start writing, I'd never finish. I wrote the novella in a month and, after a half-dozen drafts, submitted it to friends and family for feedback. During this process, I started researching publishers. I found a local company that specialized in helping authors to self-publish, Glass Spider Publishing. I reached out to them and the response from Vince was very encouraging and informative. I decided to hold off a bit longer, and after a second round of beta reading, I decided I was ready begin the publication process. I again reached out to Vince at Glass Spider Publishing and we spoke on the phone about what the process would entail. Throughout the editing/proofreading and subsequent steps, I had many questions, but Vince was happy to answer them all and offer advice based on his many years of experience. He guided me through every step and not once did I feel lost, frustrated or confused. The graphic designer he recommended, Judith San Nicolas, was just as much of a delight to work with and I couldn't be happier with how everything turned out. Without Vince and his team at Glass Spider Publishing, I wouldn't have been able to make my dream of publishing my novella come true. –Dan Stevens, author of The Transfer

For those creative minds who are driven to write and aspire to publish, I highly recommend Glass Spider Publishing. In fact, I added thanks to Vince Font (Founder/Chief Editor), Jane Font (Designer), Stephanie Simonson (Editor), Jessica Beifuss (Editor), and Cindy Jones (Marketing) on the acknowledgements page of my book. When I began crafting said book, I utilized every resource available. I spoke to colleagues, found a mentor, picked the brains of librarians, attended book writing workshops, and read books similar to the one I was writing. I was a bit clueless about publishing, and at one point envisioned myself with a ragtag copy in a shoebox, wondering if my book would ever sit on a shelf outside of my closet. I followed my heart and every lead as I continued to write. The universe was smiling on me when I read an article in Utah Stories that highlighted Glass Spider Publishing. At that point I felt I had enough chapters written to send an email via the Glass Spider contact page. This is how Butternut to Bionic: A Resource Guide to Hip Replacement Surgery came to life.

Butternut to Bionic is written from the patient perspective and meant to reach a wide audience of not only joint replacement recipients, but also to educate family members, caregivers, and healthcare providers. The desire to help others facing similar circumstances compelled me to write this book. The writing process was emotional, helped me to better understand a frightening time in my life, and ultimately liberated me. The founder and team of Glass Spider Publishing are supportive, encouraging, and urged me forward when there were times I felt exhausted reliving my ordeal. Without the professional guidance, kindness, and support from the team of experts at Glass Spider Publishing, my book may not exist. Butternut to Bionic was nominated for the 2018 AARP Purpose Prize, 2018 Health Literacy Award, and has received rave reviews from GoodReads, Reader Views, Online Book Club, and the highest reward of all, positive reviews from the public. Recognition arrived full circle when Utah Stories agreed to publish an article about my book in their October 2017 issue ... the very source that led me to Glass Spider in the first place. I am forever grateful and look forward to accessing publishing services from them again. –Tiffany Anderson, LMT, RMT, BS, CHES, author of Butternut to Bionic: A Resource Guide to Hip Replacement Surgery

Glass Spider Publishing has earned its well-deserved reputation as a trusted leader in the hybrid publishing sector. Having previously published with small, medium and large traditional publishers, including a Big Five, I would highly recommend Glass Spider to any author who might be contemplating a hybrid option. Vince and the team are truly advocates for all authors, whether novice or veteran. It's easy to give glowing marks to Glass Spider for every facet of the process—top notch editing, cover design, formatting and efficient launch into worldwide distribution, etc. However, in the oft-dodgy world of publishing, it's the things that Glass Spider does not do that has earned them such a fine reputation. Nothing was oversold or over promised at Glass Spider at any stage. On the contrary, authors are fully informed up front, in detail, on how the process works. Based on my experience, honesty, efficiency and talent are the words that capture the essence of the team at Glass Spider Publishing. –Alan C. Logan, author of the award-winning books Self-Styled: Chasing Dr. Robert Vernon Spears and The Greatest Hoax on Earth: Catching Truth, While We Can

After receiving multiple publishing contract offers which my attorney combed over with care, he advised me to sign with Glass Spider Publishing. I was pleased he told me that the best contract was from Glass Spider. The agreement stated I could leave at any time. There aren’t very many publishers who will let you walk away. The reason why Glass Spider has this option in their contract is that the founder is an author himself. He is aware of the terrible things that can happen to writers when someone tries to take advantage of them. The reason I wanted to sign with Glass Spider was that I trusted them and I felt important to them, and I’m glad I did. Vince Font, the founder, personally edited my book. He is professional, responsive and has a keen knowledge of the publishing industry. Glass Spider has helped to put my book in a position to win. Vince has given me sage advice and placed my book in the right genres on Amazon. He helped me choose a modern font and formatted my book to be aesthetically appealing. Glass Spider Publishing gives impeccable attention to detail, and I highly recommend them to publish your book. Vince has become a friend and told me he'd be happy for me if I got picked up by a big five publisher. I honestly believe he would. Glass Spider Publishing is like a big five publisher with a small-town feel. –Jennifer Irwin, author of the award-winning books A Dress the Color of the Sky and A Dress the Color of the Moon

For years, I searched for and utilized several publishing companies, becoming discouraged and heartbroken each time I tried a new one. I was looking for that one publisher who would see my books as more than just words on paper or a bottom line; one that would assist me with the learning curves of getting a book published and all it entailed. I had all but given up and settled for less than I dreamed it would be, until a friend told me about Glass Spider Publishing. Resigning with no expectations, I contacted Vince Font. My first surprise was how willing he was to just talk person to person. He is one of the most genuine human beings I have had the pleasure to interact with. The personal and professional care of Glass Spider Publishing has been unparalleled. And since that first conversation, I have never felt so confident and secure in the knowledge and authenticity of a company. The personal care and understanding I have received from Vince, Stephanie, and Cindy have reignited a flame of inspiration and creativity I had almost forgotten lived in me. I trust Glass Spider with the very part of my soul that I create my stories with.

Kathleen Bradford, author of the Gateways book series

I knew that I could waste years trying to get a traditional publisher to accept my work, becoming disheartened with every rejection. I’d already experienced some of that. Self-publishing was more work than I could reasonably handle, with little hope of ever selling more than a few copies. It seemed logical to find another option, and this is what Glass Spider Publishing offered me. After meeting Vince Font, my fears were assuaged and my hope livened. I am pleased beyond measure with the work that Vince and his associates at Glass Spider Publishing have put into my project. I have achieved my goal of becoming a published author, and I feel I have a reasonable hope for success as such. –B.A. Simmons, author of The Archipelago book series

I was frustrated with my efforts to get my first novel published. Then by a twist of fate, I happened to see the Standard Examiner’s article on Vince Font. I felt that his desire to help local authors get published went beyond just being a job for him. I met him, and his warm personality won me over immediately. It also helped that he was perfectly qualified for the job. As we began working together, I was pleased that Vince didn’t try to change my 'writing voice.' It was still mine, only better. He was always very communicative and never left me hanging for long, and he was positive and encouraging. Plus, he made me laugh often, which I think is going above and beyond the call of duty! I recommend Glass Spider Publishing to all my writer friends, and will definitely put my next novel in Vince’s hands to get it into shape and publish it. He is a perfectionist to the point that you might come to believe he worries about quality more than you do. Jane and Cindy are great, as well. You get the sense that they really do care. When Glass Spider Publishing says that they strive to build a relationship with every author, they mean it. And the price is right, too! I’m thankful for the super positive experience and am proud to have Glass Spider’s logo on my book cover. –Maryann Martinsen, author of Beyond the Savanna

I felt overwhelmed by the self-publishing world—developmental editing, copy editing, formatting, book cover design, ISBN, marketing, and on and on. Then I learned about Glass Spider Publishing. I had looked into similar companies, but fell in love with Glass Spider once I spoke with Vince. He was knowledgeable, excited about my manuscript, and encouraged me to look at other options before making my decision. Working with Vince was wonderful. His edits enhanced my manuscript and made it flow where I had gotten snagged. Vince was responsive to my questions and stuck to our very aggressive timeline for the release date. Cindy is a dedicated publicist, making contacts with media and bookstores, a huge stress relief for me. I’ve recommended Glass Spider Publishing to everyone I know who has a work in progress, and I plan to use the company to publish my other works. Nicole Lowe, author of Never Let Me Go: A Memoir

When you sign up for publishing services through Glass Spider Publishing, you feel like family. 'Papa' Vince is all about helping you succeed. He's amazing to work with, knows his stuff, and is very patient and understanding when you feel like ranting. 'Mama' Stephanie (editor) is fun to work with and is all into helping you get it right, even when you really don't want to! And 'Lady' Jane does a stellar job of designing the book interior and cover. You'll never find another team more willing or able to get your story published. Bring your story to Vince and join the family. I'm certainly glad I did. –Mike Nelson, author of Thorns of Avarice, Treehouse in the Hood, Broken Cowboy, Clairvoyant, and Clairvoyant Book 2

Just as I was ready to succumb to the siren call of self-publishing, Glass Spider Publishing was founded. They delivered all that they promised and more. I feel more confident in writing and publishing my books because of the great experience I had. I will be publishing with them for years to come. –Jordan Bell, author of DreamWake

Working with Vince Font, founder of Glass Spider Publishing, has been a great experience. I had not published a book before and his patient help was an invaluable learning experience for me. He is amazingly patient, kind, and more than fair. I am deeply grateful for his intelligent assistance. –Alice Lewis, author of Ghosts of Yachats

What can I say about the Glass Spider Publishing crew? Let’s see... awesome, fun, educational, honest, approachable, and easy to work with. Oh, and they’re local! I could go on, but mostly I’d like to thank Vince and his team for editing and publishing my first novel. I look forward to working with them on many more books. –R.E. Beebe, author of the Sylvio vampire book series

I have had the opportunity to work with other publishers before and I can safely say that Glass Spider Publishing beats them all. Not only are they highly professional, taking extra care to make sure every i is dotted and every t is crossed, but they also take time to understand the author behind the book. Before signing a contract, Vince was very honest about what he could and could not do—I felt like he truly cared about the book and its success. My book is the first in a series and I will definitely continue to work with Glass Spider Publishing for the foreseeable future. –Bonn Turkington, author of End of the Past

Glass Spider Publishing was incredible to work with. We had a very high-profile, time-sensitive book that we were looking to publish. They worked within the exact time frame we needed and catered to our every request, no matter how big or small. They were with us from the first line to the cover design. We will absolutely be using them again and I would recommend them to anybody. 

Brett McAllister, Venture Academy, organizer of the student-written and illustrated book Utah: By Kids, For Kids

Vince and Jane were outstanding to work with. From the first time we spoke, they really 'got' the concept of my idea and were truly excited about the project. They spent time to understand me and the background of my children's book set, which involved 25 books. They made suggestions and provided trustworthy advice throughout the process. I am grateful to have had such a great team work on my project! –Jannie Tharp, author of the book series The Clausen Family Countdown to Christmas

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