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Our team of experienced creatives will handle every aspect of publishing in a thorough, multi-step process that includes editing, interior page design, book cover design, and a bunch of other things you probably didn't know had to be done to get your book into the hands of readers. Keep scrolling for a visual guide of what we do.



This is where we take your finished manuscript (Image 1) and send it back to you with our editorial recommendations (Image 2).

An example of a book manuscript prior to a professional edit.

Image 1: Before

Example of a book manuscript marked up with professional edits.

Image 2: After



This is where we take your fully edited and polished manuscript (Image 3) and transform it from an unsightly Word document into something worthy of the printed page (Image 4).

Example of an unformatted book manuscript prior to professional formatting.

Image 3: Before

Example of a book manuscript after professional formatting.

Image 4: After



There are many free or low-cost online book cover creators that more often than not deliver a substandard product (Image 5), but when you work with us, we'll turn our creative team loose to create a professional book cover that will entice readers to want to crack it open and have a read (Image 6).

Image 5: Before

Example of a free book cover design as created with Amazon KDP.

Image 6: After

Example of a book cover after professional design.



Once your book's been edited, formatted, and the book cover created, there's still a whole lot left to do! Here's a checklist of all the necessary administrative duties we perform so that you don't have to.

Book Publishing Final Checklist

If all of this seems overwhelming, that's because it can be—especially if you're trying to do it all yourself. But we're firm believers in the division of labor. As a writer, your duty is to write and not have to worry about the logistics of publication. We'll handle all of that. To learn more and to get a no-strings estimate, send us a message or call us direct at 801-917-4340.

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