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Take a look at our growing library of published books by authors in a variety of genres including science fiction, fantasy, horror, thriller, adventure, poetry, memoir, romance, non-fiction, and children's. Click on the book cover images below to read more about them and to check their availability in paperback, hardcover, e-book, or audiobook. Note: When you purchase through the links below, we may earn a small commission.
Susan M. Reynolds - While I Breathe
Al Haas - Sudden Death Overtime
Wake the Others - Willy Palomo
Trauterose: Growing Up in Postwar Munich - Elisabeth Haggblade
Nightmare - G. Louise Beard
The Legend of Triquetra - Tara Rewa
The Heart of Fear - Alexandra Kharazi, M.D.
Dazzline in Danger - Kathie Marshall
Whitey's Kid - Dr. Bernard Koire
Death: A Love Letter - Weston Charlesworth
Alchemy of the Soul - Stacy L. Pintor
Ridiculous and Ill-Advised - Rale Sidebottom
More Shadows on the Page - Vince Font & Jane Font
Shadows on the Page - Vince Font & Jane Font
The Thai Word for Fortune - Julian Mihdi
Eternal Autumn - Cayte Cutro
Transgenerational Gestalt Therapy - Masatsugu Momotake
Ever After - Barbara Francesca Murphy
On the Edge of Shattered: A Mother's Experience of Discovering Freedom Through Sobriety - Kimberly K
Surviving and Thriving After Cancer - Tracy Dwyer
Discovering Tarot with Alan Dee Geddes
The Trunk - C.M. Castillo
Fit and Healthy Throughout Life - Tracy Dwyer
Sylvio: Nosferatu - R.E. Beebe
Quynh Nguyen - When Dead Birds See the Light
G. Louise Beard - Mail Ordered
A.J. Harris - Ship of Dreams (The Devil's Last Voyage)
Aitch Alexandar - My Body is a Junkyard
James Batcho - Living in an Age of Survival
The Hate Storm - Kathie Marshall
Days of Future Past (Book 3) - D.B. Fyfe
Death on the I-15 - James Woodward
Failure Leaves Clues - Brian Gahan
To Lie with Ursa in the Grey Cave - Ashton Thayne
Anthology of Hope - Glass Spider Publishing
When September Ends - Adam Fouracre with Dave Urwin
A Dress the Color of the Moon - Jennifer Irwin
A Dress the Color of the Sky - Jennifer Irwin
Pack Up Your Troubles: Some American Films From 1932 (Vol 1) - Barry Putterman
Pack Up Your Troubles: Some American Films From 1932 (Vol 2) - Barry Putterman
Pack Up Your Troubles: Some American Films From 1932 (Vol 3) - Barry Putterman
Tyson's Gift: How an 8-Pound K9 Became a Man's Greatest Spiritual Guide - Brandon Wainwright
Until Tomorrow ... Little People - Matt DeBoer
The Skylark Sings - Willis McCree
Dark Stones I Carried - Willis McCree
The Greatest Hoax on Earth: Catching Truth, While We Can - Alan C. Logan
Self-Styled: Chasing Dr. Robert Vernon Spears - Alan C. Logan
Afternoon at Bergdorf's - Richard M. Mills
A Deep Abstraction - Daniel Johnson
The Girl Who Found Her Way (Book 1) - Candace Navarro
The Twisty Passages of Time (Book 1): Veer Left for Home - K.D. Loveridge
DiMago: Book One - Via Reflector - Troye Evers
Conquer Your Fear of the Triathlon Swim: End the Dread! - M. Ellen Dash & Ali Meeks
Deliverence Carter - M. Greenfield
Clairvoyance - Kathie Marshall
Murder in a Small Town - A.J. Harris
American Sons: The Untold Story of the Falcon and the Snowman - Christopher Boyce, Cait Boyce & Vinc
A Key That Turned: Unlocking the Master Plan - Gloria V. Key
A Light From the Ashes - Rachel Anne Cox
The Transfer - Dan Stevens
A Universe of Stories - Deborah S. Wallace
PoetFlow Anthology - Glass Spider Publishing
Sylvio: The Preternatural - R.E. Beebe
Sylvio: Past and Present - R.E. Beebe
Sylvio: Spirit - R.E. Beebe
Sylvio: Sunrise - R.E. Beebe
Sylvio: Revelations - R.E. Beebe
Sylvio: Vengeance - R.E. Beebe
Sylvio: Checkmate - R.E. Beebe
Adventures with Cowboy Bob: Fun Tales About Country Life - R.E. Beebe & J.M. Marsing
Adversity Defeated: Turn Your Struggles Into Strengths - Marc Hoberman
A Journey to Recovery: Speak Sobriety - Stephen Hill
Butternut to Bionic: A Resource Guide for Hip Replacement Surgery - Tiffany Anderson
Heidi's Hounds (Book 1): The Sick Puppy - Carey V. Azzara
Heidi's Hounds (Book 2): Heidi and the Three Bullies - Carey V. Azzara
Heidi's Hounds (Book 3): What's Wrong with Mato? - Carey V. Azzara
Heidi's Hounds (Book 4): From Darkness to Sunshine - Carey V. Azzara
Ready Or Not, Here We Come! - Carey V. Azzara
Kaitlin's Mooring - Carey V. Azzara
Right Next Door - Geraldine Beard
Sound Distortion - Kurt Gailey
Clairvoyant - Mike Nelson
Clairvoyant (Book 2) - Mike Nelson
Thorns of Avarice - Mike Nelson
Treehouse in the Hood - Mike Nelson
Broken Cowboy - Mike Nelson
An Innocent Soul - Naomi Lee Ballesteros (Author), Kristen J. Lloyd (Illustrator)
Space Beagle - Mia Gray (Author), Kristen J. Lloyd (Illustrator)
The Light Worker - Kathleen Bradford
The Shadow Chasers - Kathleen Bradford
The Song of Dragons - Kathleen Bradford
Days of Future Past - D.B. Fyfe
Days of Future Past: The Valley of Forever - D.B. Fyfe
Nocturnal Awakenings - Brian D. Sharkey
Butterflies Are Rare in Beehives - Patrick Ramsay
33 - Wes Bowman III
Book of the Traveler: Dawn of a New Shadow War (The Traveler Quartet) - Cory Chase
The Fabulous Adult Coloring Book of Modern Geometric Art Designs for Art-Loving/Coloring Fanatics -
The Voyage of the Entdecker: Book One of the Archipelago Series - B.A. Simmons
The Hellhound Consortium: Book Two of the Archipelago Series - B.A. Simmons
The Perils of Archipelago: Book Three of the Archipelago Series - B.A. Simmons
The Thirst of a Loving Trunk - Travis Ching  (Author), Shay Allred (Illustrator)
Stephen Discovers Treasures of America - David A. Johnson  (Author), Rebecca Wood (Illustrator)
S.O. The New Scarlet Letters: Sex Offenders, Their Treatment and Our Challenge - Marilyn Callahan &
Noble - Andrea Boyette
Quest of the Locket - Melodylei Anderson
Utah: By Kids, For Kids - Venture Academy
Venture Academy Field Guide - Venture Academy
Beyond the Savanna - Maryann Martinsen
Never Let Me Go - Nicole Lowe
End of the Past - Bonn Turkington
Ghosts of Yachats - Alice Lewis
DreamWake - Jordan Bell
Gnome Way Out (A Tale of Murder and Revenge) - Vince Font
The Beast of Baylock - Vince Font
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