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3 Reasons You Need Book Marketing

Written by Takwa Gordon

You’ve planned, written, and edited your book. You’ve established a social media presence and following. You’ve even hired an editor and publisher to help you with the last stage of publishing. 

But now what? 

When it comes to making money from your book, reaching different audiences, and gaining more visibility and exposure, many authors and writers can benefit greatly from book marketing. This article shares 3 reasons why you need a publicist to help you with book marketing.

#1: You Will Gain More Visibility

Millions of books are published every year, meaning that your book is competing with millions of other books. According to a research article published in the journal EPJ Data Science, Dr. Wang and his colleagues estimated that in the United States, 2.7 million books are sold per year, and out of those sales, only 4,000 titles sell more than 1,000 copies. That means that most authors often end up selling a small number of books due to an oversaturation of titles within the publishing sphere. 

What this also means for you—whether you're a self-published or traditionally published author–is that having a book publicist will help you gain more visibility. A publicist will help you connect with different media outlets locally, nationally, and even internationally. As part of their marketing strategy, a publicist might:

  • Help you establish a social media presence and reach.

  • Link you to podcast hosts and social media influencers who can promote your book to different audiences.

  • Connect with different traditional and social media outlets that can share your story and help you create an impact in your book sales and overall reach. 

#2: You Will Grow an Audience

According to Dr. Wang and his colleagues, readers tend to read books published by the same author. As a writer, this means that you must be able to connect with a specific audience in your niche–one that will continue to read and pursue your work. A publicist can help you find the right audience and increase your followers both on social media and in real life. 

A publicist will also know the best avenue of connecting with the right audience since the number of social media followers does not automatically translate to more book sales. A publicist will help you connect with this audience through:

  • Book readings and signings—locally, nationally, and internationally.

  • Author engagements such as interviews, guest articles, and speaking ventures.

  • Free and paid ads on different media and social media outlets. 

#3: You Will Increase Book Sales

As with any product or service, without marketing, your book becomes obscure in a sea of other products and services. As your visibility increases and you find and grow an audience, this will help with your book sales since more people will know about your book. As we mentioned earlier, your book is competing with millions of other books, so marketing your book and knowing how and who to market it to can help you boost your sales. 

A successful publicist will be able to analyze what marketing strategies work and how to translate those strategies into more book sales. Your publicist will keep track of engagements and analytics associated with your book, while being able to help you connect the dots between your marketing and book sales. For example, a certain ad may be more effective than others in generating more sales, so your publicist will be able to track that and translate that into future book sales.

Market Your Book with Glass Spider Publishing

Whether you’re a self-published or traditionally published author, Glass Spider Publishing can help you market your book to the right audience and increase your visibility. 

During your free consultation, we’ll go over and design:

  • Your book marketing goals and vision; and 

  • A marketing plan.

Reach out to us today by booking a free consultation


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