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Book Marketing and Publicity Services

Once your book is published, the work's not over. A robust marketing strategy is key to to giving your book everything it needs to succeed. To that end, we offer a suite of book marketing and publicity services that will help get your book in front of as many eyes (and into as many hands) as possible. Our book marketing services include the following:

  • Bookstore outreach (chain and independent) for shelf placement and book signing events.

  • Virtual book tours with stops on numerous high-visibility book blogs.

  • Custom press releases and professional media kits.

  • Pitch letters to TV, radio, print, and digital media outlets.

  • Podcast appearances on targeted shows.

  • Coordination of all interviews and media appearances.


When combined, our focused book marketing and publicity services can dramatically increase your book's visibility and pave the way for a greater number of readers to discover your work. Contact us today for information about pricing.

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