You have one shot at getting a reader's attention. Don't blow it with a bad book description! Sometimes, it's easier to write a book than it is to write a book description. Especially (and for some strange reason) when it's your own book.


This is why so many independent and self-published authors end up with book summaries that totally flop when it comes to catching the interest of readers.


Make no mistake about it: The content that appears on the back of your book and in your book's online description is CRITICAL to getting readers to give you a closer look. If it's boring or poorly written, you can forget about book sales. But if it's captivating and captures interest, the sky's the limit.


When you work with us, we'll create a book summary that accurately captures the spirit of your book without reading like a bullet list of plot points that will bore shoppers to tears.


Contact us to learn more about our book description/blurb writing services.

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