The Thirst of a Loving Trunk

Travis Ching (Illustrated by Shay Allred)

The Thirst of a Loving Trunk tells the story of Atheena, a baby elephant traveling the plains of Africa with her herd in search of drinking water. Along the way, they encounter a raging fire that threatens the lives of many animals—including a nest of helpless birds trapped in the path of the flames.


Following her instincts and aided by a mysterious voice from beyond, Atheena implores her herd to stop and help. But will she, the baby of the family, be able to convince the others to put themselves at risk to rescue the birds?


The Thirst of a Loving Trunk is a delightful illustrated children’s story that teaches readers both young and old about the value of selflessness, the meaning of heroism, and the importance of a loving family.

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