The Light Worker

(Book One of the Gateways Series)

Kathleen Bradford

Valeen Martin lives a quiet, isolated life. She left behind a painful past and all her secrets when she moved into the peaceful mountain town of Chestnut Cove. But the nightmares have started again, and the sensations have grown stronger and more frequent. Valeen calls on her only friend Laura for support, and they soon find themselves thrown into an unimaginable reality and unthinkable danger—bringing them face to face with the darker side of humanity: a man who thrives on mayhem and wants nothing more than to destroy this world's existence. A battle begins within Valeen and the outside forces she is just now beginning to understand. She must choose to live a life without her loved ones or give her life to save them. The Light Worker takes readers on a suspenseful fantasy, opening a realm of possibilities that lives within us all.