Sylvio: Vengeance

R.E. Beebe


There is a high price to pay when trust is broken. It is a dangerous thing to give a powerful magical being someone to love . . . and even more dangerous to take them away.


In this latest installment of the Sylvio series, the line between good and evil is not always easy to see. Love and hate, yin and yang, dark and light; each force vies for supremacy in a battle as old as time. Rachel finds herself embroiled in a fight that has waged for eons between beings named gods in ancient days. The price to save those she loves will require a sacrifice that might be too much to bear. Will Rachel step over the precipice and use dark sorcery to free thousands?


Sylvio embarks on a venture to show Cyneric the world. Follow their travels from the farthest reaches of the Dark Continent to the frozen wastes of Siberia. Along the way, they battle beasts and humans alike and encounter friends in unlikely places.

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