Sylvio: Revelations

R.E. Beebe


Ready to start a new adventure? Dive into the world of Sylvio and Rachel, where preternatural creatures rub elbows with regular humans … and adventures abound.


In this latest installment of the Sylvio series, trolls jump off bridges, witches conjure snow, and werewolves charge into infernos. Oh, and pyramids – we mustn’t forget those.What has Rachel gotten herself into now? What new skills must she master to combat not only dark forces and nasty preternatural creatures, but those who should be allies? Will she finally discover who has been pulling the strings of the dark forces out there?


And let’s not forget Sylvio. Has he finally found a companion worthy of going through time with? Time marches on, even for a vampire. Change is inevitable, and home isn’t always a place to which you can return...


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