Sylvio: Checkmate

R.E. Beebe


In a game as timeless as that of good versus evil, hardship and loss are inevitable. In Sylvio: Checkmate, the seventh book in the contemporary paranormal book series, Rachel learns that lesson well. Just as her powers begin to grow in exponential leaps, she is savagely attacked and taken hostage by a being more cruel than any she has ever encountered.


Stripped of her preternatural powers and unable to fight for herself, Rachel must rely on those she loves to save her.


Led by Sylvio, a vampire who walks the line between light and dark, Rachel’s team of rescuers sets out—but their quest will not be an easy one. Wrestling for control of his own mind, Sylvio finds himself at a critical crossroads. Will the price of freedom from a life of everlasting darkness mean losing everyone he loves?

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