Sound Distortion

Kurt Gailey

A brilliantly imaginative work of surreal science fiction, Sound Distortion is Kurt Gailey's first novel. This strange and hilarious tale of teenage survival makes technology and genetics seem like old friends. With loads of music culture references, wordplay, and brain teasers, Sound Distortion will have you coming back for more—like your favorite song.

Praise for Sound Distortion by Kurt Gailey:

"A Clockwork Orange meets rock 'n roll glam, Sound Distortion incorporates all the electric extravagance and eccentricity of the '60s." -Risking Nostalgia

“… thought provoking … keeps the reader interested in wanting to know what comes next. It’s also an easy read and very imaginative.” -Natalia Wolfgramm Pikula of The Jets

“Once you read it, you cannot unread it.” -Jack Steeples of Adrenalin O.D.

Watch the book trailer here.

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