The Shadow Chasers

(Book Two of the Gateways Series)

Kathleen Bradford

Book two in the Gateways series, The Shadow Chasers picks up where The Light Worker left off. Valeen steps through the Gateway with Luke for the first time in her memory to the place that was once her home. There, she reconnects with apparent longtime friends Mary and Tran, who she has only a vague recollection of.

Still uneasy and unsure of her recently discovered gifts, Valeen discards all logic and disbelief to help Mary’s daughter Amelia come into her own unique power—a power that has the potential to cause devastating destruction.

Together, they return through the gateway to face a new kind of villainess, Krista, who has grand illusions of ruling all the realms. Valeen will have to confront all her fears and doubts to try to stop this new nemesis from achieving her goals.

The Shadow Chasers brings the intent of consciousness and creativity to life, where everything is real and anything is possible.

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