Butterflies are Rare in Beehives

Patrick Ramsay

The debut chapbook from award-winning Utah poet Patrick Ramsay, whose work has appeared in Metaphor, QSaltLake Magazine, The Signpost, Sink Hollow, and The Standard Examiner.


From the Author:

There is something in the chaotic delight of finding wings, or losing a tail and gaining legs, that has always fascinated me. From tadpole to bullfrog, from larva to honey bee—or butterfly, nature’s metaphor of metamorphosis always comes with a lesson: In order to grow, we must change, but that change can be spectacular.

In the early stages of Butterflies are Rare in Beehives, I looked down at my life recorded in stanzas and realized I was looking back on my own metamorphosis. All the struggle, all the joy, all the fear, repression, and electricity. From young Larva, to sheltered Pupa, and then finally Butterfly—the decision to embrace what made me different from the Hive. These poems are proof of my beloved chaos. They are my found wings, my forgotten tail, my new set of legs, my decision to leave the Hive. 

This is my metamorphosis, and these are the parts I thought to write down.

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