Murder in a Small Town

A.J. Harris

Murder in a Small Town - AJ Harris.jpg

The year is 1941. Zach Black, a recent pharmacy school graduate, responds to an ad seeking a pharmacist in the small town of Newbury, Wisconsin.

From the moment he steps into the old-fashioned drugstore, he becomes the pawn of the young wife of the old druggist. A passionate affair develops between the two, and soon after, the old druggist is murdered—but the killings don’t stop there.

Assigned to solve the murders is a brash New York transplant, Detective Ben Simon, whose investigation involves several suspects—each with a reason for wanting the victims dead.

As the story unfolds, the quiet town of Newbury reveals a dark, disturbing underbelly that includes sexual intrigue, corruption, arson, a Nazi hate group . . . and a killer lurking among the residents.