S.O. The New Scarlet Letters

Marilyn Callahan and Tim Buckley

In Puritan America, a married woman’s illicit affair with a minister landed her in jail. After her release, Hester Prynne was sentenced to forever wear a big red “A” on her dress.


Nearly 375 years later, the U.S. continues to be scandalized, tantalized, and perplexed by sex. 

This book offers:


  • Former offenders – inspiration and hope.

  • Neighbors and families – knowledge and courage.

  • Public agencies – best practices, leading to improved safety.

  • Professionals – better outcomes for clients.

  • Victims of assault – understanding and empowerment.

  • Lawmakers – ideas about fair, effective policies. 

It’s time to bring the subject of sex crime out of the Dark Ages, time to help victims shed the shame and trauma of their experience. It’s also time to allow offenders an opportunity to show they can change, make amends, and start to earn back trust and acceptance from society.

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