The Hellhound Consortium:

Book Two of the Archipelago Series 

B.A. Simmons

The Falcon Empire still controls Alimia, so the Engleman boys must continue fighting to free it and themselves of this menace. As new allies join the resistance, new distractions appear to test loyalty and love. New challenges present themselves as the stakes are raised ever higher. What sacrifices must be made to ensure freedom and, ultimately, peace?


Can Rob resist the urge to leave the fighting to pursue his exploration of the world? With Doctor Morris at his side to guide him, he stands to learn so much.


Can Mark keep the fight going long enough to wear out the mighty Falcon Empire? As the ranks of his fighting force grow, so do the complications of command. He must be willing to send those he cares for into dangers known and unknown.


Can any of them long survive the dangers of the Planet Archipelago?

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