Free & discounted e-books

In a gesture of goodwill and love for our fellow humans, and to do what we can to help folks keep their minds busy during this time of crisis, we have coordinated with several of our authors to make a number of Kindle e-books available for free for a limited time. Download now and start reading, or save them for a later day—whatever works for you. Just click on the book cover image and you'll be taken to the Amazon Kindle e-book listing. You don't need a Kindle reader to enjoy Kindle e-books. Just download the free Kindle reading app and start reading. 

We will get through this if we stick together. Let's start by reading together.


—Vince Font, founder and chief editor, Glass Spider Publishing

Note: As Amazon publishing only allows authors to make their Kindle e-books available for a period of five days every quarter, our ability to provide the public with no-cost e-books from our catalog may become limited. While we petition Amazon to change this, we will continue bring you as much free and discounted reading material as possible.

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