Conquer Your Fear of the Triathlon Swim:

End the Dread!

M. Ellen Dash & Ali Meeks


"A much anticipated resource that offers a concrete path to help triathletes swim with confidence." -USA Triathlon CEO Rocky Harris

End the dread!

What if instead of dreading the triathlon swim, it could be your favorite part of the race?

This smart step-by-step guide to conquering triathlon swim fear brings you the product of over 40 years of experience healing adults with the fear of water. Authors M. Ellen Dash and Ali Meeks unpack for triathletes the most fundamental and far-reaching solution to open-water fear available. For the first time, the groundbreaking mindfulness concepts used to teach  beginning adults are matched to the challenges of open water racing to produce a remedy that lasts. Learn exactly what you need in order to achieve a rewarding swim every time.

*Discover how to be calm in open water instead of panicky.
*Know you will be safe and can take care of yourself.
*Breathe easy on race day.