A Dark Inheritance

Cora May

What if your guardian angel could grant you powers you don’t understand? What if demons could, too?

Chanta Larr was a sixteen-year-old beauty queen, until her dark powers manifested. Her mother, fearful for the life of her youngest child and unable to purge Chanta of the evil inside her, locks her away. Chanta resigns herself to a life in a dark room with a warden for a mother . . . until the family is visited by a strange woman who calls herself the Head Mistress of Prisanni’s School for the Blessed. Chanta’s mother gratefully accepts the woman’s offer to take her daughter away.

As Chanta learns of her true heritage and the curse she bears, she uncovers secrets about the afterlife, the war being waged between the four Realms, and her father’s involvement.

Could Chanta be the key to ending the war and saving the human world? Or will she destroy it all?

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