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Glass Spider Publishing authors have received international press coverage ranging from CNN television to BBC radio, and many other places in between. Check out some of the media coverage our published authors have received, plus some of the coverage we've received for being generally awesome.

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Author Tiffany Anderson talks about her book Butternut to Bionic: A Resource Guide for Hip Replacement Surgery.
Author Jennifer Irwin talks about her new book A Dress the Color of the Sky.
Utah author Bonn Turkington is breaking the boundaries of the author-reader relationship.
Utah author and assistant attorney general Nicole Lowe is interviewed about her hard-hitting memoir "Never Let Me Go."
Comedian and author Kathy Griffin ranks Glass Spider Publishing's "American Sons: The Untold Story of the Falcon and the Snowman" among her favorite reads of 2016.
Author and Utah assistant attorney general Nicole Lowe discusses her memoir "Never Let Me Go" which chronicles her life as a teenage runaway.
Former teenage runaway Nicole Lowe speaks to Fox 13 News Salt Lake City about her powerful memoir "Never Let Me Go."
Memoir details woman's rise from homeless cult member to assistant attorney general.
Students write, illustrate, and publish a book on Utah history.
Indie Ogden interviews the teachers and students responsible for the locally published book "Utah: By Kids, For Kids."
Utah author Bonn Turkington publishes his sci-fi/fantasy book "End of the Past" with local publisher Glass Spider Publishing.
Ogden author pens and publishes a book about vampires.
The Geekwave podcast interviews Utah author Jordan Bell about his lucid dreaming inspired book "DreamWake."
New technothriller book "DreamWake" dives into the surreal world of lucid dreaming.
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