Clairvoyant Book 2

Mike Nelson


Scott Corbridge has a gift. He can hear human thought.


In Clairvoyant, he used his gift to lead law enforcement through a series of heart-rending events that solved murders, rescued taken children, exposed the dark underbelly of the human sex trade, and got the attention of people on both sides of the law.


Clairvoyant (Book 2) follows Scott as he tries to adjust to his new life—one he doesn’t really want, yet one he can’t ignore.


Scott is driven to help people, but he has to learn to control himself, knowing when and how to get involved without getting into trouble.


On a flight to Mazatlán, Scott stumbles across two people who are taking an underage girl to Mexico to be sold to the trade. He can’t walk away, but if he saves her, he will be thrown right back into the mess he’s trying to run away from.


Will a woman he meets on the beach in Mexico help him sail away from both sides? Or will his gift ultimately ruin everything?

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