Book of the Traveler

Cory Chase

A new take on the classic hero’s journey in the vein of gritty noir detective novels, Book of the Traveler is set in a modern world where every fairytale and folklore ever told held some truth—a realm where Dracula walked the same earth as legendary figures such as King Arthur, Merlin, and Robin Hood.


Welcome to Glass Lake City, where shapeshifters and werewolves stalk forests and concrete jungles alike, unseen by human eyes. A city where magic users tend bar and vampires are . . . well, vampires.


Discovering his psychic ability at a young age, John takes it upon himself, with the help of his brother Brian, to protect the innocent from the dangerous and often cruel paranormal world.

Aided by an elderly blind psychic, a brooding voodoo priest, an ex-Yukuza enforcer, and a broken-hearted werewolf, the two brothers find themselves encountering a number of dangers, including an eccentric necromancer and his ghoul apprentice—not to mention a dire-plagued werewolf and a Japanese revenge demon with a thirst for death.


John and Brian’s lives have been anything but normal, but when John stumbles upon the ghost of a murdered child in the bathroom at his mundane day job, the two are thrust into the world of the arcane. In the end, neither will be the same.


Surreal and macabre but not without a sense of humor, Book of the Traveler will take you on an action-packed journey that redefines the power of myth and the stories behind legends.

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