Wes Bowman III

33 is the debut chapbook from Utah poet Wes Bowman III and the second Glass Spider poetry publication.

From the Author:

I think maybe I am partial to chaos. I am a masochist, never feeling more whole than when digging myself out of the holes I create. I self-sabotage; I destroy anyone who I allow to get too close. I love. I feel whole, too, when sharing this existence with a lover. I war. How can I ever appreciate the magic held between two lovers if I have not also bathed in the fog of war?


These poems represent moments in time. They represent a feeling repeating, a fragment of my heart, a burned bridge, the love, the war, the bittersweet longing. Most importantly, they are the truth. Of all the lies and secrets I have harbored, these words are the only truth I am certain of anymore..

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