Meet Our Author: Andrea Boyette

Andrea Boyette has been a lover of words her entire life, reading and writing creatively since she was a child. But after spending a year teaching in Japan, she knew it was time to begin her first novel. She wanted to spin a unique fantasy, one that embraced and illuminated some of the Japanese culture and history she had come to appreciate during her time there.

Noble is the first book in a three-part series that follows Dumpling, a legendary thief with a reputation for not getting caught. A group of master thieves are in short supply and Dumpling, known only by her tarnished surname, is the last. Seeking to break free of her unsavory reputation and redeem her family name, the only honorable Dumpling takes on a job to free the sister of the mysterious Hawthorne and the brother of the elvish diplomat known as Sprout. Knowing it will take all her skill to outwit the elemental mastermind behind their disappearance, Dumpling embarks on an adventure that will test her resolve and lead her into the heart of an ancient mystery… one linked to the fate of her missing father.

Author Andrea Boyette is a quiet, imaginative, and prolific writer, and we’re honored to help bring her unique and enchanting stories into light.

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Tell us little about yourself, Andrea.

This question is the introvert’s worst nightmare! I like things that put a smile on my face and the kind of laughter that makes life a little easier. It’s something I try to include in my writing, too. It’s becoming even more important to me as I get older. I’m curious. I’m always interested in learning something new, and it’s pushed me in directions I never thought I’d go.

When did you first start writing?

Early. I think I was eight or nine. Some of my earliest memories are of letters, books, and the library. How I loved the library! My mom took us there all the time. It was magic. For me, writing was a natural companion to reading. Words have been my most stalwart friends. They still are.

What does a perfect writing environment look like for you?

My inspiration usually arrives at awkward and inconvenient moments. I’ll be cooking dinner, or I’m in a parking lot and the only paper I have is a receipt, or I’m sitting at my kitchen table and the dryer is spinning. If I’m really lucky, it’s raining and I’m drinking something warm, but I’m usually still at the kitchen table.

If you had to choose three favorite books, what would they be?

Pride and Prejudice, Rurouni Kenshin, and The Beggar King and the Secret of Happiness.

What inspired you to write Noble?

This is complex for me, so it’s hard to answer, but it started with a bell, my grandmother, and my time in Japan. Other things came later, but that was the beginning.

Can you give us a basic idea of what your book is about?

It’s about being human, making choices, making mistakes, and the good in people. It’s about finding a way to live with differences. It’s a fantasy adventure with elves and humans on a quest to save the world.

Were there any favorite scenes or sections of the book that were difficult to write?

I enjoyed exploring the relationships between the main characters and found their comedic moments ended up being some of my favorites. It felt more like I was watching the story unfold rather than writing it!

The opposite end of that spectrum was caring about those characters and needing to make difficult plot and thematic choices. I find that a struggle because I don’t like to hurt my characters. I’m such a softie!

There’s an element of Asian culture and mythology in Noble. Can you tell us why you were drawn to writing this into your story?

I lived and worked in Japan as an English teacher for a year in the Japanese Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program about ten years ago. It’s a beautiful place, and I learned a great deal in the year I was there. It’s an important piece of my own personal story, so it felt like a natural outgrowth of my experiences to include elements of it. Helping build bridges between people was part of my role, and I feel like this is an extension of that in some ways.

What kind of reader do you think might like to read Noble?

I think Noble will appeal to people for different reasons, so I hope people will give it a chance, even if the genre is out of their comfort zone. Our shared humanity is a major theme of the story. I think it has something for everyone.

What do you think writers and storytellers bring to the table in modern societies and cultures?

Good fiction is truth dressed up in fine feathers. It reaches our hearts. I think that’s something timeless that never goes away. It encourages us to ponder, feel, experience, and love. I think human beings need these things more than ever to bridge the gap with one another. If anything, I think writers are more relevant than ever.

What brought you to publish with Glass Spider Publishing?

Fate! I was literally wondering what direction I should take with my work when I saw a profile of Vince Font in a local publication. They offered different services, so we were able to find a combination that worked for me, and they were transparent and honest about the costs. It’s been a very positive experience.

What advice might you have for writers hoping to publish a book?

It can be overwhelming, and there are no guarantees. It takes commitment. But if you can accept those things, it’s worth it. Dreams are worth pursuing.

Can we expect more books from you in the future?

Yes! Dumpling and her friends have more adventures ahead of them, and I have other ideas I’d like to explore once the series is finished. In the meanwhile, people can check out my blog or follow me on Facebook. I’m always writing something!

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