Glass Spider Express is a service we offer to authors on a budget who want to get published without spending an arm and a leg.
Not every book requires the assistance of a professional editor. In some cases, we receive manuscripts that have already been thoroughly edited and proofread and only need an experienced hand to guide it to publication. In answer to popular demand, we've launched an affordable new service called Glass Spider Express that will get your book ready for publication quickly without extensive and costly editing.
When you choose Glass Spider Express, we'll take your existing manuscript and perform the following services:
  • Custom interior book design for publication in paperback format.
  • Custom interior e-book design for publication in Kindle format.
  • Paperback book cover design (including front, spine, back cover, and barcode placement for point-of-sale encoding).
  • Kindle e-book cover design to Amazon specs.
  • Keyword and BISAC research for optimal book listing visibility.
  • Publication in paperback format via Amazon publishing (including storefront setup and product listing).
  • Publication in Kindle e-book format to (including storefront setup and product listing).
  • Optional enrollment in Amazon publishing's "expanded distribution," which gets your paperback listed across thousands of online bookseller sites including Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, Powell's, and more.
These combined services come at a flat fee. To inquire about our affordable pricing, send us a message today!
If you're ready to get your book published but need the help of an experienced staff of proven professionals who will get your work into the hands of readers, contact us today!
At that at this time, we do not offer Glass Spider Express for the creation of image-intensive publications like children's books, graphic novels, or adult coloring books.

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