DiMago: Via Reflector

Troye Evers

Twelve-year-old Gabe DiMagio is the grandson of a famous magician: The Great DiMago, a renowned illusionist and much loved member of the Coney Island Boardwalk Circus. When his grandfather dies, Gabe is saddened—but that sadness quickly turns to intrigue when the strange dreams start. Dreams that lead Gabe to the discovery of a cryptic riddle whose answer could open up a portal to another world.

With the help of his little sister CC and their best friends, twins David and Dani, Gabe boldly ventures into a mirror universe where everything is the opposite of its counterpart reflection—and in doing so puts himself square in the sights of his evil uncle, Vincent, who along with his devilish sidekick Leon threatens the safety of everyone Gabe cares about.

DiMago: Via Reflector takes young adult readers on a fantasy fiction adventure filled with magic, spells, danger, and otherworldly mystery.

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