Afternoon at Bergdorf's

Richard M. Mills

Back in the golden age of theatre, the name Katheryn York was known and celebrated throughout all of New York City. A starlet with superstar ambition, she regaled audiences with her voice and had the world at her fingertips. Seventy years later, not even those who care for her at the Hampton Grove nursing home where she resides are aware of who she was—least of all Roman White, the newly hired nurse assigned to look after her.


Suffering from dementia, the only bright point in Katheryn’s existence are her weekly visits to Bergdorf Goodman—the world-famous, exclusive luxury department store that represents not only her days of glory but the happiest days of her life.


Meanwhile, on the other side of Manhattan, cutthroat businessman Joe Tiller is cutting a path of destruction through the city, leaving in his wake a stain of misery, misogyny, racism, and homophobia. Joe’s aim in life is to take whatever he can get for free, stabbing the backs of any who stand in his way—but on the day Joe’s path crosses with that of Katheryn York at Bergdorf Goodman, neither of their lives will ever be the same.


Afternoon at Bergdorf’s is a charming, witty, and sometimes tragic examination of the haunting power of memory—whether invented or recalled—that exists in the unlikely space where Sunset Blvd. and American Psycho intersect.

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